Beeripmo Walk

Start: Richards Camp
GPS: –37.301296,143.275096
Finish: Richards Camp
GPS: –37.301296,143.275096 Time: Approx. 11 Hrs
Distance: 18 km Grade: Medium (Elevation 436m – 952m)

The Beeripmo Walk winds its way through Mt Cole State Forest as well as Mt Buangor State Park. The trail rises through tall, moist gatherings of blue gum with ferny undergrowth, through messmate stringybarks and bracken, to mountain woodlands, dominated by snow gum.

The walk starts with a steep climb amongst many large granite boulders, until it reaches cliffs of Raglan Falls. The track continues to climb to Cave Hill where the forest changes to a more open sub alpine vegetation. From here you get great views towards Mt Cole and the western plains, the Grampians and Mt Langi Ghiran. Soon after is the the summit of Sugarloaf and then down to the Beeripmo campground which is the half way point and camp for the night if doing it as a 2 day walk.

From here the track heads uphill to the summit of Mugwamp Hill that gives views to the east of Mount Lonarch State Forest. At the base of the Mugwamp Hill is the Mt. Buangor lookout side track a 2km side-trip. Continuing down past Dawson Rock and LongGully  the trail descends to meets the Grevillea Track and continues to where you started.

Richards Camp has toilets, a covered  area with a fireplace and several camp sites.

The track is clear and well marked where necessary. The suggested time makes it a medium walk with some steep sections and rock steps. The entire walk can also be done easily as a day walk for the more experienced.

Signage at start of walk


Beeripmo Campground

Richards Campground



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