Mount Sugarloaf Circuit


Start: Middle Creek Campground
GPS: –37.331672,143.246319
Finish: Middle Creek Campground
GPS: –37.331672,143.246319 Time: Approx. 5-6 Hrs
Distance: 13 km Grade: Medium (Elevation 400m – 985m)

Mount Sugarloaf Circuit Walk winds its way through Mt Buangor State Park and can be started at several easily accessible locations. A number of small lookouts give great views to the West.

This walk begins at the large Middle Creek campground and heads in an easterly direction crossing Middle Creek and Ferntree Waterfall road.  The track from here can be slightly overgrown from recent fire and flooding events.

You will soon meet a track/parking area and turn left continuing the climb to cave Hill. Soon you will come to an intersection with a track to the left that leads to a massive granite arch 100 m wide and 15 m tall.  A short walk to look at this overhang is a worthwhile diversion. Return to the intersection and continue on up to Cave Hill until you come to a small camp near the top of the hill at the intersection of Beeripmo track. From here follow Beeripmo track towards Sugarloaf.

On the walk along here you will From here you get great views towards Mt Cole and the western plains, the Grampians and Mt Langi Ghiran. This section is exposed and can be dangerous in rough weather. Soon after is the the summit of Sugarloaf.

Shortly past the summit of Sugarloaf that is marked by a cairn you will come to a lookout, leave Beeripmo track taking the left towards Snowgum lookout and down to Ferntree water falls. The track here is overgrown in places so keep an eye on the orange track markers.

A detour to the falls and the camping area that has a small shelter can made or you can continue left onto 2 mile circuit walk heading back to Middle Creek. The track back to Middle creek passes Bailes picnic area.

NOTE: Track between the cave and 2 mile circuit is open again






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