Grampians Update

Walking track and Picnic area closures


Ingleton Springs, Delley’s Dell Buandik, Kalyma Falls, Zumsteins (a small picnic area is open 200m west of Zumsteins)


Teddy Bear Gap, Kalyma Falls, Kalyma Falls to Boundary Gap, Bomjinna to Mt Williams Carpark


Mount Thackeray, Billimina Shelter, Manja Shelter, Chimney Pots, Fortress


Golton Gorge Loop, Tilwinda Falls

Campground closures

Bomjinna (permanent), Buandik, Strachans

Road closures

Billywing Road, Bullawin Road, Emmetts Road, Geerak track (northern section), Goat Track, Harrops Track, Jensens Road, Mafeking Road (open from Jimmy Creek Road to Mafeking picnic area), Matthews Track, Mt William Picnic Ground (from Mitchell Road to Kalymna Falls Picnic Area), Red Rock Road, Sanders Track, Sawmill Track Road, Victoria Range Track

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Mt Buangor Park Update

Some roads in the Mt Cole state forest surrounding this park are currently subject to seasonal road closures. Map

A section of Bukkertillible Cave Walk between the cave and 2 Mile Circuit is closed due to storm damage. The cave is still accessible from Middle Creek visitor area.

All other areas of the park are open.

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Langi Ghiran Update

The lookout on Water Race Circuit Walk is closed due to a damaged handrail. The remainder of the walks and park is open.

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Mt Difficult Range

Start: Beehive Falls Carpark
GPS: -36.963994,142.454138
Finish: Troopers Creek Camp
GPS: -37.016464,142.426217Time: Approx. 8-10 Hrs
Distance: 12 km, 7km Return Grade: Hard (Elevation 215m – 809m)

Briggs Bluff detour and return to start not included in GPS track

This walk, suitable for fit and experienced walkers as it can involve water crossings, slippery surfaces, rock scrambling and steep climbs. In poor weather conditions with low viability it may be difficult to navigate and care must be taken near cliff edges.

The trip can be done in a day but is recommended as an overnight walk and a car shuffle or a return walk along the road is necessary. An overnight trip intention for must be filled out prior to this walk.

The walk begins as an easy stroll through the open forest following a good walking track along Mud Hut Creek. After about 1.5 km you will arrive at Beehive Falls, a small waterfall located at the base of the Mount Difficult Range. Best seen after recent rain.

Cross Mud Hut Creek at the base of the falls and from here on the trail becomes less visible as it begins to ascend steeply, until reaching the first plateau. After about 1 km the trail heads up to the main plateau, past a rock arch and arriving at the intersection for the track out to Briggs Bluff on the left. Reaching here you have covered roughly 4 km and it should take less than 1 1/2 Hrs.
Follow this detour track along the plateau for about 1 Km to Briggs Bluff lookout for views over the Northern Grampians. Return to the same intersection to continue.

Continue on from the intersection and the Briggs Bluff Hiker Campsite will be reached after 150 m and just after another bush camp a further 300 m along turn right at an intersection marked by a rock cairn. Following the undulating, rocky track keep a lookout for orange and yellow markers. You will pass a lookout on the right and another small bush camp through to the Mt Difficult Hiker Campsite.

Just before the Mt Difficult Hiker Campsite there is a location map, turn right and follow the track markers over the rocky slope heading towards the Trig point until you reach the summit of mount Difficult, also known as Mount Gar. This side trip has 360 degree views from the highest peak in this area. Slippery when wet.

Return to the main track and turn right slowly descending towards Tilwinda creek. From here the track weaves through weathered rock formations, huge overhanging cliffs and boulders that require some climbing and then descends steeply towards a large rock formation in the middle of the track called the Wind Cave. Just after this there is a track on the right hand side marked by a location map. You can take this track across to Tilwinda Falls.

Troopers Creek Campground is only around 500 m further and has a large camping area, fireplaces, toilets and tables.


Walk start


Rock formations


Beehive falls


Mt Difficult Trig

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Pyrenees Endurance Walk

Start: Waterfalls Picnic area
Camp: Camerons Camp GPS:-37.093971,143.297501
Time: Approx. 11 hrs
Distance: 21 km One way Grade: Medium

The Pyrenees Endurance Walk is 21 km one way and is recommended as an overnight trip starting at the Waterfalls Picnic area with Cameron’s Track being the halfway point. The trail is well marked with orange markers on posts as well as other signage and there is water at the start and Cameron’s Camp.

The track starts on the North East side of the ranges at Waterfalls Picnic area near No. 2 Creek and finishes to the South west at Warrenmang Rd.

From the start to Mt Avoca is steady climb of around 2km and takes about 1.5 Hrs and you should arrive at Cameron’s Camp 200 mtrs North of the walking track around 4hrs after that. This is a good place for the overnight stop as there is a shelter, toilet and tank water. From Cameron’s Camp to the finish will take about 5hrs and uses some small sections of 4WD track and the trail bike route along Black Range Track before heading cross country towards the finish.

In places the track is narrow, steep, overgrown and as the trail descends from Smith track through tall Iron Bark forest its covered in leaf litter and shed bark making it barely visible in places. Keep your eyes on the sparse marker poles with orange triangles to avoid heading off track. The creeks are usually dry except after rain.

Updated 14-8-13

Waterfalls Picnic Area

Cameron’s Camp

Sign post


New signage

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Gulgurn Manja Shelter

Start: Hollow Mountain Carpark
GPS: -36.886144,142.382997
Finish: Gulgurn Manja Shelter
GPS: -36.886993,142.387632 Time: Approx. 40 min Return
Distance: 1.5 km Return Grade: Medium (Elevation 229m – 270m)

From the car park follow the signage along the walking track and a short up hill stroll leads to Gulgurn Manja Shelter.

The track starts with a very clear wide gravel surface before changing to rock near the shelter.

Gulgurn Manja Shelter means “Hands of Young People”. Interpretive signs tell some of the stories and legends of the Jardwadjali people and the mountains they call Gariwerd.




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Mt Zero

Start: Mt Zero Picnic Ground
GPS: -36.891321,142.375746
Finish: Mt Zero Summit
GPS: -36.885353,142.368710 Time: Approx. 1.5 Hrs Return
Distance: 2.8 km Return Grade: Medium (Elevation 218m – 394m)

From the car park follow the signage to the walking track and you will shortly cross the Halls Gap-Mt Zero Road. The track starts with a very clear gravel surface and some steps before changing to rocks and painted track markers.

Some rock scrambling is required  and near the top of the ridge the track becomes steeper but a hand rail will help you up the rocky steps to the
summit. After rain some of the well worn rock paths will be very slippery.

The top of Mt Zero offers wonderful panoramic views of the Wimmera plains and the northern end of the Mount Difficult Range as well as views of Mt Stapylton and other interesting rock formations.
See great wildflowers in early spring to early summer.

Return by the same route.

No water at picnic ground.


Wimmera plains

Looking back towards start



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Mt Langi Ghiran

Start: Langi Ghiran Res
GPS: -37.282230,143.099792
Finish:Mt Langi Ghiran GPS: -37.299182,143.110532
Time: Approx. 2 Hrs One Way
Distance: 4.1 km One Way Grade: Medium (elevation Range: 504-952m)

2wd parking is available at the campground at the end of Kartuk Rd but the track is a little rougher if you go any further and becomes management vehicles only about 1km past the reservoir. There are many ways to access the peak but the easiest way is via Easter Creek Track.

Follow the track towards the peak until the rock cairn(-37.300322,143.117901) on the left that marks the the best route to head off the track towards the highest peak.

From here it gets a little tougher to walk and requires some rock scrambling towards the end but nothing too serious. You will also pass a small clearing that’s often used for camping.

Wedge-tailed Eagles are often seen soaring the higher peaks.

The walk can also start at the camping ground following the creek to the reservoir.

Nearing the summit

Looking East

Looking West from Summit

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Beeripmo Walk

Start: Richards Camp
GPS: –37.301296,143.275096
Finish: Richards Camp
GPS: –37.301296,143.275096 Time: Approx. 11 Hrs
Distance: 18 km Grade: Medium (Elevation 436m – 952m)

The Beeripmo Walk winds its way through Mt Cole State Forest as well as Mt Buangor State Park. The trail rises through tall, moist gatherings of blue gum with ferny undergrowth, through messmate stringybarks and bracken, to mountain woodlands, dominated by snow gum.

The walk starts with a steep climb amongst many large granite boulders, until it reaches cliffs of Raglan Falls. The track continues to climb to Cave Hill where the forest changes to a more open sub alpine vegetation. From here you get great views towards Mt Cole and the western plains, the Grampians and Mt Langi Ghiran. Soon after is the the summit of Sugarloaf and then down to the Beeripmo campground which is the half way point and camp for the night if doing it as a 2 day walk.

From here the track heads uphill to the summit of Mugwamp Hill that gives views to the east of Mount Lonarch State Forest. At the base of the Mugwamp Hill is the Mt. Buangor lookout side track a 2km side-trip. Continuing down past Dawson Rock and LongGully  the trail descends to meets the Grevillea Track and continues to where you started.

Richards Camp has toilets, a covered  area with a fireplace and several camp sites.

The track is clear and well marked where necessary. The suggested time makes it a medium walk with some steep sections and rock steps. The entire walk can also be done easily as a day walk for the more experienced.

Signage at start of walk


Beeripmo Campground

Richards Campground



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Ferntree Nature Walk


Start: Ferntree Camp
GPS: -37.310382,143.240185
Finish: Ferntree Camp
GPS: -37.310382,143.240185 Time: Approx. 1 Hrs
Distance: 1 km Return Grade: Medium (Elevation 532m – 593m)

The walk is a short return circuit that passes Ferntree and via a short detour Cascade Falls, and gives many excellent viewing points over the fern-lined upper reaches of the Middle Creek below.

Ferntree Picnic area includes a series of small campsites and a large picnic area with a Hut and toilets.

A flat start to the walk turns just before Ferntree falls, crossing Middle Creek and climbing several small groups of stairs. The track once again flattens out as you cross Middle Creek again before decending towards the campground. A short detour to view cascade falls (100mtrs – 10mins) can be taken before descending towards the camp ground.






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