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Lake Suprise

Start: Upper Carpark GPS: -38.058440,141.922649 Finish: Upper Carpark GPS: -38.058440,141.922649 Time: Approx. 45 Min Distance: 2.3km Grade:Medium  (Elevation 66m – 127m) This short walk takes you close up to the lake inside the crater and along the shoreline. The path descends steeply until the edge of … Continue reading

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Sheoak Falls

Start: Carpark GPS: -38.568838,143.964767 Finish: Sheoak Falls GPS: -38.565406,143.962800 Time: Approx. 15 Min Distance: 800m, One way Grade:Easy 366  (Elevation 9m – 45m) Sheoak Falls are only a short drive from Lorne. The walk begins at the car park and is well signposted. The falls are … Continue reading

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Gulgurn Manja Shelter

Start: Hollow Mountain Carpark GPS: -36.886144,142.382997 Finish: Gulgurn Manja Shelter GPS: -36.886993,142.387632 Time: Approx. 40 min Return Distance: 1.5 km Return Grade: Medium (Elevation 229m – 270m) From the car park follow the signage along the walking track and a short up hill stroll leads to Gulgurn Manja Shelter. The … Continue reading

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Fyans Creek Loop

  Start: Brambuk GPS: -37.157653,142.530745 Finish: Brambuk GPS: -37.157567,142.530666 Time: Approx. 30 mins Distance: 2.5 km Grade: Easy (Elevation change(209-227m)      This walk starts near the stone sculpture at Brambuk. An easy walk through Fyans Valley and the foothills of Mt William range there is a great chance … Continue reading

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Valley Walk

Start: Waterfalls Picnic area GPS: -37.098541,143.366821 Time: Approx. 20 mins Distance: Approx 1km Return Grade: Easy (Elevation 382m – 394m) This track is signposted near the creek at the Waterfalls Picnic Area that has plenty of camp space and room for large … Continue reading

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Bunjils Cave

Start: Bunjils Cave Carpark GPS: -37.140198,142.732742 Finish: Bunjils Cave GPS: -37.139393,142.733383 Time: Approx. 20 min return Distance: 240m return Grade: Easy (elevation: 13m) An easy short walk from the car park to an Aboriginal rock painting. Track

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Langi Ghiran Reservoir

Start: Langi Ghiran Camp GPS: -37.289982,143.092102 Finish: Langi Ghiran Reservoir GPS: -37.283321,143.100250 Time: Approx. 45 min return Distance: 2.6 km return Grade: Easy (Ascent: 86m) From the Langi Ghiran Camp ground follow the creek to the reservoir. This is an … Continue reading

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